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A tribute to my boy, Harry.


I won’t lie.  I cried really, really hard during this video.  Harry has been my friend for 10 long years.  It’s hard to let go of a friend like that.


What I’m Reading – November 8, 2011

Through the Wardrobe edited by Herbie Brennan

Recently I’ve become pretty obsessed with books of essays.  Obsessed with books?  Me?  Never!

Yeah, it’s true.  If there were rehab for people like me, I’d have been involuntarily checked in by my spouse many, many years ago.

So, books of essays.  It’s not quite as boring as you would think, if you grab the right collection.  It’s not like I’m reading books of essays about quantum physics.  Lately I’ve gotten into essays about my favorite books.  Like this one, Through the Wardrobe, it’s a book of essays from different authors about what they think the series (The Chronicles of Narnia) means, what they loved when they read it, and what they want to impress upon you that they took from the lessons to be learned in Narnia.  Because trust me, there are plenty of lessons to be learned in Narnia.

So far I’ve read books of essays (from this same publishing house) about The Hunger Games (which I loved…really great ideas and connections in that one) and one about the Twilight series (which I also loved, more than the actual books, if truth be told, because they made the connections that I’ve been saying all along, Edward is way too intense to be a 17 year old’s boyfriend).

I have about three other books like this on my Amazon wish list, that I’ll hopefully be ordering soon.

The Man In The Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas

I know, I said I was going to take a break from the classics.  But, Papa T went hunting this weekend, which means that once Little T hits the sheets, I have a few hours of complete silence (that I absolutely relish in), so I picked this book up and started it.

Confession?  I’m already loving it.  The writing in this book flows so much better than Twenty Years After.  Which makes me a happy, happy girl.  And so far?  I haven’t needed to know any of the back story, except that the four main characters all previously knew each other from their service with the Musketeers.  Well, duh, I could have figured that out even if I didn’t read the first 2 books.

But, I’m really looking forward to finishing this one.  I loved the movie (because who doesn’t think that Leo D. is one of the most talented actors of our generation, I mean, really) and I’ve got really high hopes for this book.

Something totally unrelated – I saw Harry Potter in the theater this weekend (again), because it was the absolute last showing, ever.  And that made me a little sad.  To know that I’ll never have that thrill of anticipation again.  I know that I’m a nerd, you don’t have to tell me.  Anyway, that’s not the point to this story.  The point is, we sat in front of a woman who had never read the books and proceeded to comment throughout the entire movie.  I’m typically not a stickler for people who talk during the movie, everyone does it.  But this woman was making predictions for what was going to happen, and since she was so totally and completely wrong it drove me bat sh*t crazy.  My friend and I spent the majority of the movie listening to her running (wrong) commentary and laughing like middle school girls that snuck into their first R rated movie.  It was quite entertaining, if not totally annoying.



Wuthering High by Cara Lockwood

Wuthering High by Cara Lockwood


When Miranda, a slightly spoiled but spirited fifteen-year-old from Chicago, smashes up her father’s car and goes to town with her stepmother’s credit cards, she’s shipped off to Bard Academy, a boarding school where she’s supposed to learn to behave. Gothic and boring and strict, it’s everything you’d expect of a reform school. But all is not what it seems at Bard.

For starters, Miranda’s having horrific nightmares and the nearby woods are eerily impossible to navigate. The students’ lives also start to mirror the classics they’re reading tragic novels like Dracula, Wuthering Heights, and Jane Eyre. So Miranda begins to suspect that Bard is haunted by famous writers who took their own lives and she senses that not all of them are happy. Complicating things even more is the fact that Ryan Kent a cute, smart, funny basketball player who went to Miranda’s old high school landed himself in Bard, too. And the attention he’s showing Miranda is making some of the other girls white as ghosts. Something ghoulish is definitely brewing at Bard, and Miranda seems to be at the center of ominous events, but whether it’s typical high school b.s. or otherworldly danger remains to be seen.

Brookie’s Review:  I have a confession to make – I am a sucker for goofy teen books.  Seriously.  I don’t normally pick them over other types of books, but when this one popped up on my Amazon recommendations, I gave it a try.  While I’m not completely blown away (because let’s face it, it’s an MTV published book, how amazingly literary can it really be?),  I was pleasantly surprised.  While it was kind of weird and way too fast-paced, I really enjoyed the mentions of “real” literature.

There are 3 books (I think) so far in this series, so I’ll probably continue to read them.  Because it kind of sucked me in, and now I have to know how the characters fair in their lives.


30 Day Harry Potter Challenge – Day Two

Day Two – Your Favorite Movie

This is tough, y’all.  I love most of the HP movies (I say most because everyone has a least favorite).  But, I think I love this more than others, Harry at the end.  When his will, patience, and heart are tested within inches of their lives.  When he must persevere, or die.  When faced with the absolute toughest challenges, he prevails.

I’m a sucker for a good finale (except Streets of Laredo, really Mr. McMurtry?  WTF were you thinking?), and this is no exception.  I love to know that something is over and finished, and how everyone in the story fared.  I like seeing where they all end up.  But, I’m not going to lie to y’all, I was so sad.  So terribly, incredibly sad.  I cried during the movie (both parts 1 and 2) because characters that I adore died, but also because I knew it was the end.  I knew that I would never again feel the anticipation of going to see the new Harry Potter movie in the theater with my super dorky IMAX glasses, of never squeezing Papa T’s hand during the previews and saying, “I hope they follow the book.  I’m so excited!”  It’s disheartening to know that it’s all over.

But, it’s bittersweet, as with many endings.  Harry Potter is indeed finished, but he’s always waiting for me to reunite with him, in his DVD case or in my bookshelf.  Whichever is my fancy.

The (Sometimes) Daily Brookie – Special Edition

*This is straight out of my personal journal, an entry dated July 22, 2011.  It took me this long to post something 1. straight out of my head, and 2. something so very close to my heart.

My father was a mountain of a man,

That was the description that I gave,

The morning that we laid him in his grave.

There with my mama by his side, we said our last goodbye,

To a man we thought would never die.

As I stood there in the fields of amazing grace,

Oh, how the tears ran down my face.

And I sang him a Dixie lullaby,

We’ll meet again, by and by,

Oh my, what a beautiful life,

Just like a Dixie lullaby.

– Dixie Lullaby, Pat Green

Remember when you were small, and the troubles of the world hadn’t reached you yet?  You had no concept of money, or time, or how the world outside of your own back yard really operated.  Remember how you thought that you and everyone that you loved would live forever?  I remember those times.  And this past week, I wished whole-heartedly that I was back there for one more day, one more hour, even one more minute.  That would be all I would need, just one minute.  A breath to say “I love you.”  Another breath to say “I’ll never forget the things you taught me.”  A moment for one more hug, and strength to let go.

I am so very fortunate to have lived this long with all of my biological grandparents.  I’m almost 28.  It seems to be pretty unheard of .  My first reality check came late last week.  A man I thought would never die, did just that.

My Papa Joe is an amazing man.  (I say “is” because he’s still around, making sure we’re all alright.)  I wish more of my friends could have known him.  Every time I saw him, he had another nugget of truth for me, another story of how it used to be, or another “Papa Joe-ism”.  Of course, he got meaner as he got on in age.  I think living to 75 earns you that right.  But limiting our alcoholic beverage consumption to 2 drinks at family functions?!  C’mon Papa!  I will always remember the last words he ever said to me.  Papa T, Little T, and I ventured to Oklahoma for Memorial weekend to attend my annual family reunion.  When it was time for us to leave, Papa pulled me aside and said, “Brookie T, if you forget everything else I ever told you, remember that I love you.”

I remember Papa.  I promise.

The (Sometimes) Daily Brookie

Since I’ve obviously been MIA again, let’s talk about a few things (quickly, because I’m a busy girl) that have been going on.

  • Game of Thrones – if y’all are book nerds at all, you HAVE GOT TO READ THESE!  Seriously.  Next to Lonesome Dove & Harry Potter, these are quickly becoming some of my favorite books.  Such an amazing story line with so many deep characters.  Watch the show, read the books (all 4 y’all), and you will not regret it.  Oh, and Jon Snow?  Absolutely my favorite character ever.
  • Casey Anthony – WTF?! I said it the day before the verdict that I didn’t think the jury would convict her.  I definitely would, but I felt like the jury didn’t have enough solid, concrete evidence.  There were way too many “what if’s” in this case.  Which sucks, because we all know that girl is guilty as sin.  Mama’s don’t go out and party while their babies are “missing”.  If that’s not incriminating, I’m the queen of England.
  • Vacations – Papa T, Little T, & I took a five-day trip to our deer lease in Utopia, Texas.  To sum it up, amazing.  Sure there’s only A/C in the bedrooms of the camp house, and it was hot, and we didn’t eat any glamorous meals, and we slept badly, and bathed our ridiculously filthy baby multiple times a day.  But it was great.  So nice to be completely off the grid.
  • Anniversaries – Papa T & I will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary on Sunday.  We got Nana & Pappy to babysit the kid on Saturday night, and we’re going to have a special time together.  I’m not talking special like sit on the couch and catch a movie (which, trust me, sounds pretty good also), but I’m getting ridiculously dressed up (shhhh, don’t tell Papa T, I haven’t told him that part yet!) and we’re going to Kemah and possibly Galveston.  They just opened a vineyard in Kemah and we’re really excited to check it out.

That’s all I’ve got right now.  I hope y’all are having a blessed and awesome week!